About Us

Why plan your events with Heritage?

An event can be a powerful driver of meaningful results for your organization. Do you know what kind of results your events are delivering?

Events are often the most tangible affirmation of value for an organization. They can be a significant source of revenue, demonstrate your organization as a thought leader, celebrate your successes, and help customers achieve their business objectives.

Every moment matters in order to create a memorable experience for attendees. As the host organization, focusing on the tactical instead of the strategic can result in an ineffective event that provides little benefit to attendees, sponsors, and ultimately, your organization.

While Heritage coordinates and executes logistics, you can focus on stakeholders to emphasize their guest experience. The result will always be a flawless event with guaranteed attendee satisfaction. When Heritage plans the event, you host an experience.

A one-stop solutions provider, Heritage delivers more than just event planning services.

How We Work

Heritage is committed to achieving your organizational goals and strengthening your brand through successful and memorable events.

As a one-stop solutions provider, we deliver more than just event planning services. Whether your goal is to produce a significant return on investment or create a memorable attendee experience, here’s how we’ll make you look like the hero.

Step 1 Define success​

The first step to creating a successful event is defining your desired outcomes. By partnering together, Heritage serves as an extension of your team prepared with a clear understanding of the mission and goals of your event and organization.

Step 2 Develop a solution

​We offer flexible solutions. Whether your event requires turnkey planning or à la carte services, Heritage will develop a customized plan of action, taking into account your mission’s critical goals.

Step 3 Execute flawlessly​

Our leadership is hands-on throughout the entire process, prioritizing areas of critical importance. Our experience gained from planning hundreds of events has instilled a laser-like focus for even the smallest of details, freeing up your staff to concentrate on the areas that matter most to you.

Step 4 Deliver results

Your event is held for a compelling business reason, and the investment was made to drive a successful outcome. Working with Heritage means you will see increased event value, optimized efficiencies and enhanced attendee satisfaction.

Jenny Martin, CMP
Founder & President


Jenny Martin, CMP, president of Heritage Event Management, is a creative and accomplished event executive with a strong history of successful event management and client satisfaction across a variety of businesses including corporations, associations and non-profits.

Jenny founded Heritage Event Management in 2014, helping clients across central Virginia and the Washington metro regions to host memorable experiences, not just events. As an effective and multi-faceted planner, Jenny has planned, implemented and executed hundreds of exceptional programs ranging from corporate meetings and conferences, keynote and panel presentations, awards galas, televised productions, political forums and special events.

Prior to founding Heritage, Jenny most recently served as Vice President of Events and New Initiatives for the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce where she led the event department’s operations, generating revenues exceeding $500,000 annually. Under her charge, the department organized and executed over eighty events annually with an accompanying 10,000 attendees per year. Jenny was responsible for the organization’s most high-profile events involving political dignitaries such as President Obama and U.S. Senators, C-level executives the likes of Steve Case and David Rubenstein, and celebrity personalities.