New in 2018, Heritage is proud to launch a summer intern program and welcome Claire Zorrilla to the team. A senior at James Madison University, Claire is studying Hospitality Management and has a passion for event planning. As Claire states, “I am eager to learn every aspect of the industry by having the opportunity to learn from real life experiences and learn from a successful, experienced event planner.”

Heritage’s internship program provides real-world, hands-on experience in the hospitality industry, as well as other business facets including marketing and business development. Interns such as Claire have the opportunity to interface directly with clients as they create solutions and solve problems around management of event logistics.

Heritage founder and president Jenny Martin strongly believes internships are a two-way street, providing learning opportunities for both the intern and employer. “My first real introduction to the hospitality and event planning world was through a corporate internship. It was one of the most valuable experiences of my professional career, as it helped me to establish a foundation for learning about my field of interest but also showed me the ropes of navigating the corporate culture” says Martin.

Heritage’s program is designed to allow interns to bring new perspectives to client projects and organizational issues. Claire will assist with several client projects over the course of the summer as well as work on updating internal databases and growing the company’s marketing platform. Claire will assist with the on-site management of a large corporate client’s multi-day annual leadership conference and research fundraising opportunities for a non-profit client’s annual gala.

The company’s goal for the first-time internship program is “to help set up Claire for success after graduation by providing her with opportunities to get her hands dirty in the field.” But that’s not all, as the company also hopes to learn from Claire by asking her to question current processes and present new ideas.

The summer intern program runs from early June through mid-August with auxiliary opportunities for former interns to return for on-site management of client events throughout the year.